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Mustaches, Beards, Pits, Pubes, Hairy arms, legs, balls, and furry asses. Daddys, Otters, Muscle Bears, Punks, Skinheads, Rednecks, Gingers, and Guy-Next-Door types. I do not own these photos -they are from various internet blogs. I will gladly remove any photo that offends. Just write to me with the post #.
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Daddy needs a blowjob after a hot workout. Who wants to swallow his load?

This horny rugby stud had me over to lick his hot hole, as his girlfriend wouldn’t tongue him down there. He must have really needed it badly as it wasn’t long before his throbbing cock was shooting this spurts of cum down my throat. Naturally, I swallowed every drop of his straight man juice. 

I wanted to service this horny masculine stud’s cock from the moment he sat down next to me, but had to wait until the night part of the flight, after which I couldn’t take it any longer and just reached over and sucked him bone dry! He shot a massive load, which he’d clearly been brewing longer than the 9 hours flight so far. 

Found myself at a house party and there was a heavily pregnant couple there. As I listened to the wife moan about how difficult it’s been to sleep for the last few months, I couldn’t help but notice how hot her husband was and wondered when he had last been blown.  
He must have read mind as after some serious eye flirting, I found myself in the guest bathroom with him. Turns out, it’d been just less than a year as they had been trying to get pregnant for some time and so blowjobs had been off the menu since then! Said he needed one really badly so he whipped out his massive cock and let me suck it for him.
From the noises he was making, I knew he wasn’t gonna last more than a minute or so, but that was all the time he needed to deliver a massive load, thick, creamy, sweet, and with such force that it completely caught me off guard. It just hit the back of my throat and kept coming. It was as if a dam had burst and there was no stopping him, as literally months of stress, worry, and pent up sexual energy just flowed out of him and into my mouth.
He was shaking after he got done, so I left him to clean up and compose himself. I bet at least HE slept great that night!

Hey man what kept you?
A married buddy was staying up at his secluded cabin and wanted me to stop by and service him all weekend. 
He said it was really amazing as he could moan and groan as often and as loud as he’d like and was totally able to let go when he came.