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Mustaches, Beards, Pits, Pubes, Hairy arms, legs, balls, and furry asses. Daddys, Otters, Muscle Bears, Punks, Skinheads, Rednecks, Gingers, and Guy-Next-Door types. I do not own these photos -they are from various internet blogs. I will gladly remove any photo that offends. Just write to me with the post #.
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Spanish water polo player Marc Minguell - great hairy tits !!!

ummmmm…………that big, thick morning wood is making quite the tent, and i want to wake up to that every morning and take care of that beautiful cock for him♡♡♡

God I love morning wood…..and what a hot cock, dudeツ

i cannot stop looking at his sexy as HELL fit and hairy legs!!!!!!!!!!!! and that handsome face……his legs are soooooo fucking HOT omg♡♡♡

Tonight’s sweaty post workout pic


Joey. 33yo. Frisco, TX.

So damn hot!